We are a London trio making an intriquing blend of electro, house and techno,

An arousal of your senses. Outlawed in other dimensions but mysteriously available on planet earth.
The amplitude of this hip and mysterious trio was formed from the cold of the Eastern Bloc(Yaro), the heat of Vietnam (Arasteller) and fashioned in the Metropolis of London (Mylo) yet, roving like a lost satellite from the cosmogonic.

Formed in the Summer of 2016 their leitmotif is the curious and off beat. Filled with stories of robots, the cosmos, love and sex. An intriguing blend of house, electro and techno in the mold of Daft Punk, M83, Crystal Fighters, Chemical Brothers and Hot Chip. Yet, shades of The Prodigy, Depeche Mode, LCD Soundsystem, Kraftwerk and early Chicago House echo like a distant signal from the far reaches of influence.

Yaro has already established himself with many techno releases in Russia and worldwide and Mylo has worked with Sony Records.

They have a 4 track ep about to hurtle through our audiosphere. Expect something not quite human, something strange yet wonderful. Celestial, unworldly yet divine. We might just take you back to the moon.

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