Born in the Bulgarian town of Pomorie in 1981, Manol Manolov is well known by the pseudonym DeepImpulser. Manol was as young as eleven when for the very first time he fall under the  addiction of electronic music, hip-hop, dance and disco hits.

DeepImpulser started producing acid, house and techno in early 1998th. Couple of years later the Bulgarian label Jisatsuken released his first track.
At the very beginning of his professional career Manolov used to sign the variety of his compositions with different nicknames. The anonymous artist have been backstage participating and organizing rave parties around Pomorie. In 2001 he started to perform live using computer software and synthesizers under the artistic name The new Beauty and few years later in 2003 he became DeepImpulser the name that he is still known for today.

In 2006 DeepImpulser decided to start his own label - 8311 Music. The label gained quite a reputation after releasing the famous dj’s Balthazar and Jackrock and the following success of the vinyl that Manol released together with the legendary techno group of Detroit, USA – SCAN 7.

Manol also have played in all the major festivals around the country like SEEME Sofia and Spirit of Burgas as well as clubs around Turkey, Romania and Moldova.

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