Alecek brings a refreshing mix of eclectic beats and unique rhythms to his music. He provides a much-needed alternative to the abyss of monotony and mediocrity that is so prevalent in a lot of today’s pop music. This artist of melody produces tunes like no other and is definitely a noteworthy artist for music enthusiasts to discover.

The Artist

Alecek is originally from Sofia, Bulgaria; one of Eastern Europe’s most renowned capitals known for its art and cultural influences. He began producing simplistic beats with the use of his mouth just a few short years ago and has now evolved into an electronic music mastermind. His earlier musical influences were in the hip-hop genre, and he now combines that with other styles to create many of his compositions. Alecek is currently signed with Sci-Fi Records, a London-based record label known for fostering talents in the electronic music genre.

The Style

This musical prodigy fuses different influences of music into his sound. The leftfield/experimental style of Alecek’s music is a treat for the ears of listeners. He manages to combine a unique syncopated rhythm of pulsating beats with a tranquil undertone that soothes the soul. The influences of ambient, hip-hop, dub, glitch, breakbeat and mid-tempo are consistently present in his musical interpretations


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